Project Leadership Development

Project leadership is a specific skill set.  Some project leaders develop by managing projects, others are appointed with little experience of working in a project environment.  Few have the opportunity to be trained – that is about to change.   Valuta’s project leadership training is being developed from decades of experience of what it takes … Continued

The Valuta blog

Our blog provides a range of articles, all designed to add value to your role as a project leader.  Most of the posts here are written about our experience of current projects; some posts offer more general leadership content.  We hope you find them all helpful.

Who do you learn from?

In August 2006, the Daily Telegraph published an article “Ferrari pit stop saves Alexander’s life”.  It described the improvements to…

Dysfunctional Momentum

Many of us have seen the Hollywood depiction of a plan spinning down out of the sky, with engine screaming…

Strategy as a process

  In their book “Total Competition”, Adam Parr and Ross Brawn extract lessons of leadership and management in the high…