Project Performance Improvement

Valuta has been supporting the people responsible for delivering major projects since the year 2000.  We have been commissioned to support some of the most challenging and complex projects being undertaken in the UK, from nuclear decommissioning of historic works, to ground-breaking technology and infrastructure implementation programmes.  Our experience brings continuous insights into how organisations … Continued

Procurement Assessment

Accrediting all government procurement activity could have been a lengthy and expensive task. But a small Valuta team took just 9 weeks to complete the task, with feedback, reports and recommendations at department and central government level supporting the improvement process. If you need efficient support for your most important work, you should get in … Continued

Economic Development

Valuta has a reputation for quickly identifying the causes of under-performance. In a recent assignment for an economic development agency, a simple request to improve benefits realisation has helped the client identify and respond to underlying issues affecting performance at an organisational level. Our work with this client was fantastically rewarding, acting as a catalyst … Continued

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SME Strategy

Our work with a leading light of the construction sector has supported growth from small to medium sized enterprise. Now we are working to develop the strategy and mindset needed to become a large business. With a focus on quality, communication and a clear vision, these are exciting times for a dynamic client.

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Project Leadership

After more than 20 years building our understanding and carrying out research into how complex projects can be delivered successfully, we are working with a range of clients to build project leadership capability.  Our guidance is practice-based – using concepts we have seen delivering a positive impact in live projects and programmes, and across a … Continued