We have been researching what it takes to deliver projects for over 20 years.  The result is a checklist that provides a reminder of what project leaders may already know (but don’t always do).  These actions provide a foundation for many successful projects.  The project leader builds on these foundations and takes action as demanded by the uncertainties presented through the project lifecycle. 

For a simple check, score your current project against each question then generate your graphic.  If you would like a more detailed response to your scores, send us an email and we’ll develop a more detailed report into your project’s current status.

Score Description
1 – 2 Likely to have a serious negative impact on delivery.
3 – 5 Likely to limit benefits achieved by the project.
6 – 7 Good practice in line with expectations.
8 – 10 Likely to increase benefits achieved by the project.

You can use this checklist to visualise and benchmark your current performance using the tool below.

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