Project Performance Improvement

Valuta has been supporting the people responsible for delivering major projects since the year 2000.  We have been commissioned to support some of the most challenging and complex projects being undertaken in the UK, from nuclear decommissioning of historic works, to ground-breaking technology and infrastructure implementation programmes.  Our experience brings continuous insights into how organisations deliver change, how leaders influence success, and how getting a small number of key factors right provides a sound foundation for delivery.

When the Office of Government Commerce launched the Gateway™️ Review process over 20 years ago, Valuta provided one of the early Review Team Leaders for high risk central UK government projects.  We gained experience from Home Office PFI contracts, construction and refurbishment projects, and challenging IT projects such as the response to the Bichard enquiry into the Soham murders.  Two years later, we brought this experience of the use and impact of project reviews to the Scottish Government, helping them to implement this highly efficient process of project assurance and improvement.  Valuta has been privileged to support mission critical projects for organisations from the devolved governments of Wales and Northern Ireland, to economic development agencies across Scotland.  We have developed and adapted the assurance process to bring improvements to a divers range of projects in nuclear decommissioning – engineering challenges, construction, IT-enabled change, and organisational development.  Our work with universities continues to support change in some of the most respected seats of learning in the UK.

Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash